Safety training

One-way junction of Via I. Petitti with the ‘five star renovated’  Via Nizza

Cars entering Via Nizza and turning left must cross:

1) three pedestrian crossings,

2) one bicycle lane,

3) two car lanes.


One of the major design rules for pedestrian crossings is the reciprocal visibility pedestrian-vehicle.  How visibility can be ensured when a truck parks in the load/unload yellow area?

Needless to say, cars cannot halt at the give-way line, since they cannot see left hand side traffic coming from the signaled crossing with Corso Dante, being blinded by car parking!


Guidelines in [1] suggest that pedestrian crossings be five meters before a give-way line.


[1] Automobile Club d’Italia, Linee guida per la progettazione degli attraversamenti pedonali.