Poste Italiane (Italian Post): a mirror of Italian confusion

To observe and, helas!, experiment Italian confused services, Poste Italiane is a privileged site.

Figure 1- Below picture: "#I'll stay home - We can stay close without leaving home" - Not close to post office services!

On March 19, 2020,  I found in the home postbox the advice of a registered mail sent by Unicredit bank, that the postman was unable to personally deliver. On the mail envelop he wrote: Assente L.A. 19/03/2020 (absent), notwithstanding my wife and I were locked at home, because Covid-19 restraint, since March beginning. Of course, the postman could reply that nobody answered his (her) bell ringing, which can be hardly claimed since each week I receive, in the average, a pair of parcels from different e-commerce companies and I was always capable of personally collect them. The limit retrieval date was fixed to April 21, but, in the weeks at the turn of March and April, post offices were busy to pay pension monthly rates to retiree people.  According to [1], in 2016 one third of Italian retiree people did not possess a debit card, thus being compelled to retrieve currency either from post office or bank.

On April 9, I decided to dare the impossible, but I discovered that the depositary post office was only opened, because of Covid-19, the next day, the last day before three-day Easter holiday. On April 10, 11:50, morning, I was in front of the post office, where, outside the office, a queue of about 20 people waited of being served. The serving time of the first people I could record was encouraging (about 6 minutes each by three servers) implying about 40 minutes to remain queued. My forecasting was soon disrupted by two customers who were served for about one hour each, thus reducing available servers to one! Do Poste Italiane know  that booking policies are suitable to long-time services?  The only spoken advice to poor queued people was the closure time: 13:35. Half the queue was compelled to leave. I entered the office ‘in articulo mortis’ at 13:20, after one hour and half delay, and, luckily, I succeeded in retrieving the mail.

[1] Il sole 24 ore, Pensioni, in 5 milioni la ritirano in posta e solo 2 anziani su 3 hanno una card, 26 Novembre 2019.