PA traps employed by municipality of Turin

The despicable traps of the Italian Public Administration employed by municipality of Turin (Italy), governed by the Five Star Movement

July 10, 2021

A winter evening (it is well after 8 pm) the father of a family, tired, is coming back home after a working day, having just recovered his child from a music lesson. It is late, his will is just to come back soon home for the dinner with his wife and the other child. His car is traveling along one of the wide avenues of the city of Turin. He enters the empty leftmost lane to proceed straight, without paying attention that is only devoted to left turning. He stops at the red light, and starts as soon as the light changes into green, but not the arrowed light of the left turn. Remorseless, the installed camera takes the picture of the infringement. The car is his wife’s, but the car’s owner is the wife’s mother, who after two weeks receives the fine notification by the municipal police corps: 46 Euros. The mother’s husband takes charge of promptly settling the fine payment, but misses a tiny notice (on the purpose? likely 6 pt font, 2mm height) ‘inviting’ (how a sweet attention!) the car’s owner to communicate the police corps with full name and driving license of the car’s driver, in agreement with the article 126 bis, paragraph 2, of the Italian Traffic Laws in force since 2013 and updated in 2019. Remorseless, the municipal police corps of Turin imposes a new fine to the wife’s mother (the car’s owner): this time, 220 Euros! Besides the fact that ‘invitation’ does not mean obligation (is Italian language dying? see, why Turin’s police corps did not care of warning the car’s owner of her negligence? They well knew how to reach her!
The trap is well known and a few associations have suggested adjustments: but .. easy money! (see Which is the result? First a severe and unrelenting loss of image and confidence of public administration in front of honest and solicitous citizens.
Second: the annual subscription to Turin Opera Theater will not be renewed. Third: the annual ticket of the Turin public transportation will not be renewed.
Now it is clear who trips (an euphemism) honest and solicitous Italian citizens, notwithstanding preaches by government and state officers about renewal of public administration.